Study costs

Due to its nature as a State musical university, the institution subsidizes educational costs substantially, which makes our cost of study one of the lowest in the country and possibly in America for our type of institution.

Tuition charges, including fees and corresponding fees, will be paid semi-annually. If the student has not paid his/her registration on or before the term stipulated in the academic calendar, it will be cancelled. Dependent students who are children of regular employees of the Conservatory will be exempt from paying tuition in the university program but will pay the corresponding fees.

Baccalaureate programs

Credit charges $105
Remedial Instrument $420
Remedial Preparatory Solfeggio $420
Instrument or Singing seminar fee $105
Music Education Seminar Fee $105
Listener $95 (per course)
Post-Fourth Year Instruments Course $420
Basic Semiannual Fees Registration Right
$70 (non-refundable)
Collaborating Pianist Singing (1st to 4th year) (1/2 hour weekly)
Instruments (3rd and 4th year 1/2 hour)
Recital (Junior/Graduation/Diploma)
Instrument Maintenance Fee $55
Maintenance Fee $150 (non-refundable)
Technology Fee $150
Graduation Recital Fee $75
Summer Fee $175
Incidental Charges
Admission Fee $75 (non-refundable)
Readmission Fee $75 (non-refundable)
Admission fee for international students or non-residents in PR $125 (non-refundable)
Late admission fee $100.00 (non-refundable)
Concentration Change $17
Teacher Certification Application $50
Incomplete Request $30 per course
Validation Exam $105 per credit
Comprehensive Exam Repetition
of Music Education
Graduation Fee $100 (Diploma and gown)

Graduate programs

Credit charges (Diploma) $200
Seminar charges $155
Costs per credits (Master's) $180
Other fees and charges
Remedial Theory and History* $160 (per semester per course)
(*Remedial history carries an additional charge of $85)
Admission fee $100
Readmission fee $100
Tuition fee $75
Instrument maintenance fee $55
Maintenance fee $150
Technology share $150
Graduation fee $100
Collaborating pianist (Diploma) Singing and Instruments Class
Graduation Recital Fee $75
Thesis fee* $175 (per semester until completed)


This modality is exclusive only for the Master of Music in Music Education program.
Credit charges $200
Seminar charges $200
Other fees and charges for this program
Admission fee (non-refundable) $100
Readmission fee (non-refundable) $100
Late admission fee (non-refundable) $125
Tuition fee (non-refundable) $75
Technology fee (non-refundable) $150
Graduation fee (non-refundable)* $100 *optional for the student to request a diploma in physics.
Thesis fee $175 (per semester until completed)**


* Payment of the thesis fee will be paid semiannually until the student approves his or her Master's thesis. This will allow you to remain an active student. The thesis must be completed within the established maximum time of six years or twelve semesters.

+ Cost of printing and photocopying
Prints and photocopies on the Resource Center and Library printing and photocopying machines are .10 cents on any size paper.

Other study programs

Continuing Education admission application: $50.00
Charge per Continuing Education credit: $180.00 (per credit)
Application for admission Teacher Certification: $50.00
Fee per credit Teacher Certification: $180.00 (per credit)

Other charges, surcharges and services

Student medical plan $1,112.52 annually (cost varies depending on age)

The Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music requires that all students be enrolled in the Health Plan offered by the institution. If the student does not wish to benefit from the institution's health insurance, they must present evidence of having a current private medical plan, and must present it on the day of registration.

Duplicate ID Card $10.00
Fee for extension of registration payment $50.00

Parking lot

The Conservatory has designed three payment alternatives for students who use the parking lot:

  1. Semiannual payment* $150.00 + IVU = $167.25 per semester (Aug-Dec / Jan-May; does not include the months of June and July)
  2. Monthly payment $30.00 + IVU = $33.45
  3. Daily payment $2.00 + IVU = $2.23

Card Cost: $20.00 + IVU = $22.30
There is a one-time parking card activation fee.
If it is lost, the student must pay the replacement cost ($22.30).

The student who chooses the #1 alternative (semester payment) and wishes to have the payment charged to the excess PELL Grant or Loan in their registration, must make the process in the Administration and Finance Office. However, if you choose the #1 alternative (semi-annual payment) but do not qualify for a PELL Grant or Loan, you must make the payment at the Parking Administrative Office. Both the #2 alternative (monthly payment) and the #3 (daily payment) are processed directly in the parking payment booth.

Late registration

The dates to carry out and complete the registration process are provided in the academic calendar of each semester. The student has the responsibility of completing this process within the established time. When a student does not complete the process within the time specified for registration, they will have to pay late registration fees. After completing the semester registration process, the late registration fee will be charged.

Late Registration Fees

An initial fee will be charged for registration made after the last day of registration as specified in the academic calendar.
Charge $150.00

Students who have not completed the registration process after the first week of classes have started will not be considered for late registration. Under no circumstances will any student be enrolled during the third week of classes. Services related to academic records (undergraduate and graduate):

Transcripts $5.00
Duplicate class program $1.00 each
Study certifications $1.00

Audiovisual services

Reproduction of Concerts and Activities $15.00 (for each audio or video reproduction)

Administrative fines (undergraduate and graduates)

The library will set fines for failure to return borrowed circulation material at a rate of $.50 per day per resource. For material in Reserve, $1.00 will be charged for each hour that has passed from the loan expiration period until the time of delivery.

In case of loss, return of incomplete or mutilated material, the student will pay the replacement cost of the material and the folder at the current market price, plus a processing fee of $25.00.

NOTE: The Conservatory reserves the right to periodically review charges and fees. Any changes will be published as an Addendum to the Catalog.

Making payments

Payment of study fees, fees or fines must be made exclusively at the Conservatory's Collections Office. At the time of payment, the official invoice must be presented. Payments may be made in cash, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and ATH or by certified check, money order, manager's check, personal or corporate check payable to the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music Corporation. No subsequent claim will be accepted if the person does not have the official numbered receipt as evidence of having made the corresponding payment.

Student debtors

No debtor student will be able to receive credit transcripts, file total withdrawals, or any other service from the institution. This student will not be able to enroll, request readmission, or graduate without first settling all outstanding debts and fines.

Deferred Tuition Payment Plan (Extension)

The Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, aware of the need to help its students, has established a Deferred Tuition Payment Plan for the benefit of those students who, for some justified reason, cannot make the full payment on the date stipulated in the Academic Calendar.

Deferred tuition payment divides the student's total tuition cost into three installments each semester.

To request an extension, the following steps will be followed:

  1. Every student may request a deferred payment of tuition from the Billing and Accounts Receivable Officer on the day they are summoned to make the payment corresponding to their tuition. In order to benefit from this benefit, a credit card such as Visa, MasterCard or Discover of the student or guardian responsible for being a minor is necessary.
  2. The Billing and Accounts Receivable Officer will fill out the corresponding request and deliver a payment stub indicating the amount corresponding to one third of the balance owed, which the student must take to the Collections Office to make the payment for said amount. If the student does not pay one third of the balance owed with their extension request, it will not be processed.
  3. After making the corresponding payment, the student will present evidence of the same to the Billing and Accounts Receivable Officer, who will be responsible for formalizing and making the deferred payment agreement official.
  4. If the request is approved, the student must fill out the authorization for the automatic charge to the credit card on the previously established dates.
  5. Taking advantage of the benefit of deferred registration payment entails an additional charge of $50.00, which will be added to the total registration fee.
  6. All balances must be paid on or before the last date stipulated for this purpose in the Academic Calendar. If this balance is not settled, the student's registration will be cancelled. Until the student makes the corresponding payment, all services will be suspended and they will not be able to enter classes.
  7. Students who have applied late for financial aid and have not received notification of approval as of the date of payment of tuition must make their deferred payment of tuition.
  8. Students whose tuition is canceled due to debt will not be eligible for deferred payment of tuition in subsequent semesters.
  9. If you do not comply with the payment agreements, your account will be referred to a collection agency which will incur an additional charge of $20.00.

With honors

Funds from this scholarship will be credited directly toward applicable tuition and fees costs. Up to a maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the total cost of tuition will be awarded, subject to the balance available in the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music Endowment Fund.

Standards and Requirements

  1. Be a regular student at the institution's undergraduate level with an academic load of 12 credits or more (except in the graduation semester).
  2. Have passed the first year in the specialty that was admitted and have passed a minimum of between 38 and 44 credits, according to the Baccalaureate that the student is taking. Credits transferred from another educational institution will not be taken into consideration.
  3. Maintain a general academic index of 3.80 points on a scale of 0.00 to 4.00 points.
  4. Maintain an academic index of 4.00 points in your specialty.
  5. Have passed at least two thirds of the credits enrolled during the previous semester.

Not Eligible for the Exemption Benefit

1. Students in the remedial/preparatory student classification.
2. Students with an academic load of less than 12 credits (except in the graduation semester).
3. Debtor students.
4. Students on academic probation.
5. Students in graduate programs: Diploma and Master of Music.
6. Teacher Certification Program Students.
7. Students of the Continuing Education Program.
8. Students who have received incomplete grades or who have previously withdrawn completely from the institution.

Institutional Refund Policy

Registration Cancellation
If the student cancels his/her registration during the registration period and up to the day before the start of classes, 100% of all fees paid for registration will be refunded. The registration fee of $70.00 paid at registration is non-refundable.

The request for a cancellation of registration must be processed in writing as a total withdrawal in the Registrar's Office and the Finance Office during the period indicated above.

Total Casualties

Students who completely withdraw during the first three weeks of classes will receive a refund of tuition and special fees (with the exception of the registration fee) in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. If the withdrawal is made during the first week of classes, the institution will refund 75% of the registration cost.
  2. If the withdrawal occurs during the second week of classes, the institution will reimburse a 50% of the tuition cost.
  3. If the withdrawal occurs during the third week of classes, the institution will refund 25% of the registration cost.
  4. If the withdrawal is made after the third week of classes, the institution will not grant any refund.
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