Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance with a concentration in Guitar

About the Guitar program

The guitar performance curriculum offers a full range of courses to support the development of future teachers and concert performers. The program offers weekly classes in performance, pedagogy, guitar ensemble, and guitar literature classes.

Learning outcomes

The graduate of this specialty:

  • You will demonstrate a high level of proficiency in guitar playing.
  • You will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the variety of styles of solo and ensemble literature, through performances as a soloist and as a member of musical ensembles.
  • You will apply knowledge about Western music literature and Puerto Rican music within the framework of their cultural sources and influences.
  • He will express coherent criticism and opinions related to the interpretation of his classmates, based on the corresponding periods and musical styles.
  • You will demonstrate leadership and entrepreneurship competencies in regards to professional practices in the field of guitar playing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a high level of competence in guitar performance.
  • Demonstrate comprehensive capabilities in a variety of music styles in solo and ensemble literature through solo performance and in chamber and large ensemble settings.
  • Apply knowledge about the history and literature of Western music and Puerto Rican music within the framework of its sources and cultural influences.
  • Share critical assessments about instrument performance by their peers based on corresponding music periods and styles.
  • Demonstrate competence in leadership and entrepreneurship in regard to professional practices in the field of guitar performance.
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