Guides for collaborators

Editorial policy:

Musiké is a magazine of the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music dedicated to the publication of academic articles on any aspect of music, and reviews of recently published books, CDs and audiovisual materials (videos, DVDs) related to music, with the purpose of providing a forum for the discussion of musical issues both nationally and internationally. The name of the magazine, Musiké, Greek term for the art of the muses, reflects a broad vision of music that includes all types of genres and approaches, from historical musicology, theory, analysis and music education, to ethnomusicology and popular music studies.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

Musiké and its Editorial Board reaffirm the principle of not discriminating based on age, color, race, sex, sexual orientation, origin, religion, physical or mental disability, or political ideology.

Information for collaborators:

  • Send all material to be considered for publication (articles, reviews of books, records or DVD-videos) in electronic format to the Editorial Board at with a brief biography and an abstract of no more than one hundred words. The author must obtain in writing all permissions for the publication of material that is protected by copyright ("Copyright") and send a copy of said permissions with the manuscript. The author exonerates all members of the Musiké Editorial Board from any type of claim for violation of copyright.
  • The text must be written using the Microsoft Word program (Richtext) with the standard format. Tables, figures, maps, photographs, musical examples and any other illustrative material should be provided with the manuscript, identified and placed in the appropriate place in the text.
  • The cited references should be included within the text as follows: (Rhodes 1955: 262), and should be listed separately in alphabetical order by author and in chronological order for each author. See Fig. 16.2, p. 648, from the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edition (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993). Musiké uses this manual as a reference standard.
  • Manuscripts submitted to Musiké must not have been previously published, nor must they be considered for publication in another magazine or book. Additionally, if the author submits to Musiké an article that uses material closely related to another publication of his or hers, whether previous or future, the author must explain the relationship between them in a letter to the editor.

Manuscript processing

  • Any manuscript (article or review) submitted to any member of the Musiké Editorial Board will be immediately distributed to the other members of the Editorial Board for a preliminary reading. The Editorial Board will decide if the manuscript is of interest for publication. If so, the author is notified and an evaluation reading is carried out by each of the members of the Editorial Board, who will send evaluations and recommendations, including suggestions for revision, to the coordinator of the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board may reject the manuscript, delay its decision while urging the author to make revisions, or accept the manuscript, at its discretion.
  • The evaluation process period is approximately two months. If there is any delay, the author will be notified as soon as possible.
  • Any article and review accepted for publication will be subject to editing for style. The author will have the opportunity to make final changes after the editor's review (“copyediting”).

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