Preparatory School class attendance regulations


Attendance record

  • Each student or their guardian must fill out the virtual attendance form, for each class, through the link that the professor will provide at the beginning of the semester. Virtual attendance contains the space to fill out the student's full name, date, whether the student was present, absent or if it is a make-up class, agreement with the Attendance Rules stipulated by the High School in the Parent and Student Information Booklet, and signature of the student or guardian. 

Tardiness and absence of students *

  • The student must arrive on time to all academic activities scheduled by the Preparatory School: individual classes, group classes, rehearsals and presentations. In the subjects of the Childhood Studies and Pre-University Studies programs, punctual attendance will be a criterion for evaluating the student's progress.
  • In the case of individual lessons the teacher will wait 10 minutes, if the class is 30 minutes; or 15 minutes, if the class is 1 hour, before being considered absent. If the student arrives late for an individual class, the teacher will dictate the remaining class time, without extending – under any circumstances – beyond the scheduled time. No teacher is under the obligation to make up a class partially or totally lost due to the student's previous absence.

Class replacement *

  • It is the teacher's obligation to make up the class for the time established in the academic load. If a teacher is late for a class more than 10 minutes, in a 30-minute class, or 15 minutes, in a 1-hour class, or if he is completely absent from it, he must coordinate with the student the respective make-up during the class. days scheduled for replacements by agreement. Classes should not be extended, except in special situations, when the extension will not affect another student. It is not allowed to make more than 1 weekly replacement of the same course.

Absence of teachers *

  • It is the teacher's obligation to notify their students of an absence, planned or unforeseen. In the event of force majeure and/or the justified impossibility of doing so, third parties will try to notify the dean of the Preparatory School, which will be responsible for notifying the students affected by the cancellation. In this case, the teacher will coordinate the replacement as soon as possible by agreement with the student. If the student does not attend the agreed replacement, the teacher will not have the obligation to coordinate another replacement.

Natural events and class cancellations *

  • In the event of class cancellations due to natural events that affect the calendar, the possibility of rescheduling will be analyzed; however, it will be up to the administration to extend the calendar as possible.
  • The student must use an appropriate space to take their virtual classes where distractions do not arise.
  • The student must have access to the instrument in which they are enrolled.
    The student must dress appropriately.
  • The use of a comfortable, ventilated space free of noise or distractions is recommended.
  • The student must maintain communication with his or her teacher to receive contact instructions and invitations to individual and group classes.
  • The student must connect on time at the time established in their class program. It is recommended to connect between 3 to 5 minutes before the start of classes.
  • The student must have access to an electronic device that allows them to use the "ZOOM" application or other applications that allow video conferencing if necessary.
  • For security, you should not share class access codes provided by the teacher.
  • The student must have access to an Internet connection that can sustain contact between teacher and student without interruption.
  • The student must have the camera on for the duration of the class, and be in a bright place.
  • The student must have the class materials and instrument available to avoid interruptions when class begins.
  • The student must follow their teacher's instructions regarding activating their device's microphone at the time of class.
  • The student must be respectful, considerate and kind at all times with his teacher and/or classmates.
  • The presence of parents and/or guardian is required if the course allows it or at the request of the teacher if necessary (e.g. Early Age Courses, Suzuki Method).

Student tardiness and absences

  • Class attendance, whether virtual or in-person, is essential for the continued progress and development of the student's musical skills. If the student does not connect to their virtual class appointment, it will be equivalent to an absence. The teacher is not obliged to make up the class. If the student connects late to a scheduled class, the student will take the remaining time of his or her class. The faculty is not obliged to make up for time lost due to lateness or absence of the student. The teacher is obliged to make up any class in which he is absent and must ensure that all students can make up the class in the case of group classes.
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