Department of Winds and Percussion

La meta del Departamento de Vientos y Percusión es impartir a todos sus estudiantes los fundamentos y destrezas musicales necesarias para proseguir una carrera profesional en su instrumento.

About Orchestral Instruments at the Conservatory

The orchestral instrument curriculum at CMPR is designed for students to gain professional proficiency on their primary instrument. Students receive a comprehensive education that includes experience as soloists (participating in the student concert series and departmental concert series), in ensembles (chamber music, concert band, and symphony orchestra), through orchestral repertoire courses, and participating in the opera workshop.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the performance of your instrument.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the variety of styles of solo and ensemble literature, through performances as a soloist and as a member of musical ensembles.
  • Synthesize the literature of Western music and Puerto Rican music within the framework of their cultural sources and influences.
  • Share critical evaluations of the performance of your peers, based on the corresponding periods and musical styles.
  • Demonstrate leadership and entrepreneurship competencies with regard to professional practices in the field of orchestral instrument performance.

About Orchestral Instrument Performance at PRCM

Orchestral instrument performance at PRCM is designed for students to acquire professional competence in their major instruments. Students receive a comprehensive education in their instruments including solo playing (student concerts series, department concerts series), ensemble playing (chamber music, concert band, and symphony orchestra), orchestral repertoire courses, and the opera workshop.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate high level competence in the major performing medium.
  • Demonstrate comprehensive capabilities in a variety of styles in solo and ensemble literature through solo performance and ensemble settings.
  • Synthesize both the history and literature of Western music and Puerto Rican Music within the framework of its sources and cultural influences.
  • Share critical assessments about instrument performance by their peers, based on corresponding music periods and styles.
  • Demonstrate competence in leadership and entrepreneurship in regard to professional practices in the field of orchestral instruments performance.


Bachelor of Music in Performance

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Admission requirements

Requisitos para bachilleratos

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Admission to the university programs of the Conservatory of Music is based on the audition process and/or admission exam determined by each career.