Institutional Archive


The Institutional Archive has the mission of guaranteeing the conservation and dissemination of its collections. It is a source for research and rescue of our musical history. The Archive integrates all documents generated and received at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music of any nature, period and material support. It draws on documentary resources, graphic materials such as photographs and posters, musical instruments and archaeological objects of historical value that testify to the history of the Conservatory of Music, its role in Puerto Rico and also the development of our musical work. Our purpose is to provide access to documentation to all members of the CMPR community and the community in general, providing information to promote the mission of the institution.


  • Support and facilitate the tools to the institution to provide and maintain its structure.
  • Determine what the documentation is and make it accessible.
  • Provide information to promote the mission of the institution and serve the community.
  • Support teaching and implement the curriculum.
  • Support research by faculty, students, and others through access to information.
  • Foster additional discernment through discovery and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Evaluate, collect, organize, describe, make available and preserve documents of historical, legal, fiscal and administrative value for the institution.
  • Provide adequate facilities for the retention and preservation of documentation.
  • Provide information to assist the institution in its operations.
  • Serve as a resource and laboratory to stimulate and sustain creativity in teaching and learning.
  • Assist research and scholarship by making the use of its collections accessible to members of the institution and the community.
  • Promote knowledge and understanding of the origins, goals, programs and objectives of the institution and their development.
  • Promote efficient document management.

Material reproduction

The reproduction and photocopy service is available through machines located in the Library at a cost of ten cents ($0.10) each copy.


The United States Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code) regulates how photocopies or material protected by it may be reproduced. Under certain conditions specified in the law, the CMPR Historical and Institutional Archive is authorized to provide a photocopy or reproduction of a material protected by it. One of the conditions specified in the law is that the photocopy or reproduction of the material is not used for a purpose other than private, academic or research study. If a user requests and then uses a photocopy or reproduction for a purpose other than that stated, that user may be held legally responsible for violating a copyright. This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a photocopying order if in its judgment accepting it would violate the Copyright Law (CO REGS., Sec. 201.14 B). The Copyright Law also protects any unpublished work from the moment it is tangibly produced. In addition, you must comply with the Institutional Policy on Copyright of the CMPR . Photocopying or reproducing any document that belongs to the Historical and Institutional Archive without the authorization of the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music is prohibited by law.

Document request

Users who wish to use the documentation of the Institutional Archive must request the help of the Document Administrator. Requests for information can be made by mail, telephone and email.

By mail, please direct the request to:

Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music
Document Management
Institutional Archive―Library

951 Ave. Ponce de Leon
San Juan, PR 00907-3373

Telephone requests must be made by calling (787) 751-0160 ext. 250.

The emails are: either

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