XVII CMPR Jazz Festival

Inaugural concert of the seventeenth edition of the Jazz Festival of the Department of Jazz and Caribbean Music.

XVII Jazz Festival.
The 17th edition of the CMPR Jazz Festival was held with great success

From April 13 to 15. In this edition, we celebrated the career of the graduates of the Department of Jazz and Caribbean Music (DJMC), and recognized the great musicians and educators of the jazz, and of course, our Caribbean music.

This year our festival took place in April, so we joined the rest of the world in celebrating our love for jazz in the month of its appreciation.

Honoring the name of our department, this edition of the festival presented a fusion of the elements of jazz American, jazz Caribbean and our Afro-descendant music by having great teachers and educators of the jazz, among them, members of our faculty, teachers and representatives of the new wave of Afro-Puerto Rican music. It also included DJMC graduates from different graduating classes, who have distinguished themselves as professional musicians both in ensembles and in their own projects.

The Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music is committed to the development of talent in the Jazz genre, both national and international.

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