Visit of Maestro Luis Perico Ortiz to CMPR

The Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music was honored with the presence of Maestro Luis “Perico” Ortiz  who was received by the teachers: Antonio Rivera Torres, Rafael Enrique Irizarry and CMPR students.
We are sure that it was a very learning experience for our students.

Thanks again to teacher Luis Perico Ortiz.

About this visit, Maestro Ortiz wrote:
"Greetings. Yesterday, April 19, 2024, one of the happiest days of my life was evident. Various activities happened. I produced a Master Class for the trumpet students of the Jazz Performance department of the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music where I served a few years ago as professor and Artist in Residence with Maestro Eddie Gomez and David Sánchez. In addition, trombonists from the department attended with their teachers and the great surprise was that I felt very honored to have as a listener the Associate Director of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Rafael Enrique Irizarry. I was also able to greet several fellow CMPR professors. The assistance and courtesy of the Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Helen González Lorenzo and her work team was impeccable. Thank you. The class was magical because the young students, teachers and guests were very interested, beyond pedagogical knowledge, in hearing first-hand anecdotes about the history of music taught by someone who was involved in history. Very honored.
At the end of my participation, an emotional farewell receiving the respect and affection of the group. A space of happiness and, I hope, analysis of what I taught was broadcast. Content, passion, commitment, discipline and the great desire to BE HAPPY.
Now I share with you what caused an immense sense of happiness in my heart. I hadn't felt like this in a while. Thanks God. The Dean came over to thank me for my attendance and formally say goodbye. I asked him if he could assist me with a request because my studies in the 60's at the conservatory were almost at the end, I understood, they were stopped because I left Puerto Rico to search for one of my hundreds of cherished dreams. I was going to New York to open my range of opportunities and grow. At the same time, I met one of my most important mentors, Mongo Santamaria. That's where the development of my family and my career began. By leaving PR during all these years I understood that I did not formally finish my Bachelor's Degree in Education with a concentration in Trumpet and advanced studies in Bass, Piano, Vocal Technique, Flute and Percussion. I asked the dean to verify my record to take the remaining classes to complete and obtain my Baccalaureate. I leave and during my lunch I receive an email from the Dean and this is what she informed me and I quote;
«Greetings Master, Registrar Waleska Martínez verified your file and according to the evidence you have a Completed Baccalaureate. She will be digitizing the data to send you an official credit transcript with the confirmed degree. In fact, your file contains a copy of the diploma. As soon as everything is ready she will let you know. Nice day."
I was left cold and with enormous happiness in my heart.
For more than 50 years I was uncertain whether or not I had my Baccalaureate degree from the CMPR.»
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