CMPR Professor Receives B/M Lawrence R. Mortez III Memorial Scholarship

The teacher Marlon Rosario had an enriching experience by participating as a teacher in the "Salvation Army." ''The Salvation Army'' is a faith-based nonprofit organization that seeks to meet the needs of extracurricular programs, in the areas of music and arts, for low-income families. At the age of nine, Rosario started in the program and is currently a product of the church's musical program and is part of the teachers who offer classes to new students.

During his time there, he was able to share his musical knowledge and skills with talented young people, providing them with a quality musical education and helping them develop their talents.

In addition, the professor had the opportunity to audition to be part of one of the most important bands in the region. Thanks to his dedication and talent, he managed to win the audition and became a member of this prestigious group. His experience as part of this band was invaluable as it allowed him to grow musically and meet other talented musicians who shared his passion for music.

Additionally, the professor decided to participate in the soloist competition, where he managed to obtain third place. His outstanding performance and passion for music was recognized by the judges and the audience present. This achievement opened a door of opportunity for him, since thanks to his performance in the competition, he was awarded the ''B/M Lawrence R. Mortez III Memorial Scholarship''.

Obtaining this scholarship represented recognition of his hard work and dedication in the musical field. With this financial aid, the teacher was able to continue his training and continue perfecting his technique and musical knowledge. Without a doubt, the experience in Salvation Army and the achievements obtained in the soloist competition provided the professor with a valuable opportunity for growth and development in his musical career.

Congratulations to our Professor!

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