Winners XIII Concert Competition


Ernesto V. Ramos Vázquez, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs


It is with great pride that we announce the winners of the XXIII Concert Competition from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music.

Gadiel Ocasio Román, horn student, obtained the First prize with the Concerto for hornOp. 11 by Richard Strauss, so you will be the recipient of the Great CulturArte / Evertec Scholarship.  

Adrienelle Chiesa García, oboe student, obtained the Second prize with the Concerto for oboe by Franz Joseph Haydn.

Gerardo Laborde Figueroa, saxophone student, obtained the Third award with the Concerto for alto saxophone in E flat by Alexander Glazounov.

The XXIII Concert Competition had the participation of 12 students from the departments of strings, woodwinds, brass, piano and singing who showed their care and dedication in preparing the repertoire presented in this Competence. In addition to the winners, the students participated; Michael Santiago Almonte, Jeremy M. Hill Préstamo, Camille I. Robles Fernández, Kevin Y. Vázquez Ayala, Brian O. Díaz Martínez, Lucila V. Zavala Pérez, Johnatan O. Torres Tavárez, Sergio A. Cordero Martínez, Víctor E. Mártir Ocasio.

We thank all the teachers who provided their support in the preparation of the contestants, especially the teachers of the winners: Joshua Pantoja del Rio, Natalie Lorch, Edgar A. Marrero Figueroa. The arduous process of selecting the winners was possible after the considered judgment of our jury, whom we thank for their seriousness and professionalism, professors Gloria Navarro Pagán, Elisa Torres Pérez and Alberto Guidobaldi Chittolina

The Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music congratulates the participants and winners, and invites them all to continue developing their passion for playing their instrument, as well as maintaining the discipline of their art, encouraging them to participate in the competition. XXIV Concert Competition which will be held next year 2022.

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