Musiké Magazine- VOL. 8 – Journeys of the New Puerto Rican Song until the eighties

Journeys of the New Puerto Rican Song until the eighties     

 Carlos E. Rovira Valentín   



A study of the development of the New Puerto Rican Song – from a complete perspective and taking into account certain aspects such as political repression or its relationship with the media – is one of the least explored aspects by academic musicology in Puerto Rico, making it necessary an investigative work to disseminate in a comprehensive manner the period of duration of the aforementioned movement in Puerto Rico. This has been the object of study of this article, which has been carried out with a careful selection of primary and secondary sources, including press clippings, recordings of compositions of the New Puerto Rican Song and an abundant sample of cultural and social historiography. and politics of the period studied. In addition, general works of a theoretical nature have been consulted, as well as academic literature created by authors contemporary with said movement or belonging to it, among other sources. The article explores the two main aspects of the movement (the “socio-political” and the “socio-experiential”), the latter considered one of the musical phenomena with the greatest projection in the Ibero-American popular music scene. From this essay it is clear that although the New Puerto Rican Song movement has disappeared as a structured genre in the 1980s, there are still performers who preserve it or rely on its aesthetic precepts for their creative work.


New Puerto Rican Song,
protest song,popular culture, music, power

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