As part of the services offered by the Amaury Veray Library, workshops are also carried out on the use of tools that facilitate information skills such as: use of databases, use of the catalog, preparation of monographs, use of APA format , use of social networks in education and more.

These workshops are aimed at teachers, students and the administration of the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, and are planned through the Coordinating Librarian of Information Services, the library director and the Dean of Academic Affairs.

It is our interest to offer a series of workshops, seminars or short courses with topics related to the area of technology and information skills that are useful for the professional development of our university community. To find out your needs and interests, we ask you to send us your topic suggestions using the form below.

For suggestions, you can write to: or call (787) 750-0160, ext. 256.

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