Instructions for renewing or applying for FAFSA

Financial Assistance informs:

We are providing you with this information in order to facilitate the process of completing the application in a clear and simple way. Here it is explained in detail where to get the answers to questions that are considered a bit difficult to understand based on our experience. The other questions are easy to answer since they are demographic and personal information.

*All students will have to present a copy of their 2020 form and/or that of their parents at the office.*

Procedure to request Federal Student Financial Assistance:

The first step that the student must take is to obtain all the information about the sources of income of the student and/or their parents for the calendar year 2020. The return corresponding to the taxable year 2020 that your parents and/or you They filed last year, April 15, 2020 with all the withholding receipts (PR 499- W2, FORMS 486 A, B, C or any other that declares your income from jobs or professional services. Be sure to keep them as they will be required. If the sources of income come from the Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) {question # 76 of step 4} and the Temporary Economic Assistance Program of the Department of the Family (TANF -question #78 from step 4) You must indicate it on the application (this income is not included on the application, it is only indicated that it was received). Social Security income is not reported on the application. All other forms of income such as veterans' pension, alimony either through ASUME or through personal agreement and unemployment must be indicated on the application. If you worked on your own in temporary or sporadic jobs and are not required by law to file the return, you must indicate in the application the total amount earned for the work performed. Keep a copy of the form(s) and the official evidence or certifications. The Financial Aid Office will contact you by email to request that you submit all documentation to support the information you and your parents provided when completing the FAFSA. This will allow us to ensure that the data provided is correct. This way we prevent possible errors that delay the disbursement processes in a reasonable time and that may affect your eligibility.

Have Be careful when answering question # 26 about the method you completed high school. (They cannot use the #4 response). When answering question # 29, if you have previously studied at another technical-vocational or university institution using the PELL grant and are going to study at the Conservatory for the first time, select the second answer (previously attended a college/university). Now, if you are a student who is going to continue studies at the CMPR, be sure to indicate with exact year of studies to be completed in August 2021 (If you indicate an incorrect year level, it may affect the amount of aid you will be entitled to for some aid programs. If you have questions about this, consult the Registrar's Office.

you will need it to indicate it in the application)

Before beginning to file the application for “FAFSA” (application for federal aid) you and at least one of his parents They have to register to request their Electronic signature In the following link:

Complete all the information requested, including your email address, it is required. The student must have their own email account, Do not use that of one of your parents. The credential (FSA ID It is the equivalent of your electronic signature, therefore each person has to request their own and must have their own email account. They can not use the same email account to apply or when completing the FAFSA. We recommend that you select a credential that is familiar to you, easy to remember. You will continue to use this FSA ID each year to sign electronically when renewing the application, to verify your information about the aid received and to access other portals with information about you in the Federal Department of Education.

They will then proceed to access:

In this link you can select the language in which you prefer to complete your application. Read the instructions carefully. It is easy to fill out the form. In the application you indicate the tax return and the IRS, you will refer to the form and the PR Department of the Treasury. Remember that this is a federal form and the questions or mentions of the forms you ask correspond to those used in the federal government. Puerto Rico's tax documents are equivalent to those of the federal government. When answering the type of tax return that was filed, they will indicate the PR tax return. Answer all questions, do not leave them blank.

The AGI It appears on the PR return on page 2, box 1, line 5. The income tax can be found on page 2, box 3, line 26 of the PR return (Contributory Responsibility). The exemptions claimed are the number of people who were claimed as dependents plus the taxpayer and their spouse in the case of married people. It is important to clarify that if they file separately they have to add the items on income and contributions on both forms to be able to answer the questions related to the forms. In the withholding receipts (form 499-PR or W-2) Contributions to private retirement plans (401k) or KEOGH plans are indicated. These are included as non-taxable income such as contributions to tax-deferred pension plans. IRA accounts are also included. On the form, every question that applies must be answered. If it does not apply, the program will ignore it. If you are required to indicate an amount and it does not apply to you, please indicate “0” in it. If you have questions about this you can call 1-800- 433-3223 customer service of the Federal Department of Education or you can email us at

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