Audition requirements for Bachelor of Music in Performance with Piano concentration

The candidate must be prepared to present all of the following repertoire indicated in his audition:

  1. JS Bach–An invention for two voices and one for three voices, or a Prelude and Fugue.
  2. A complete classical sonata.
  3. A romantic work of the 19th century
  4. A work of the 20th century.
  5. Reading at first sight.
  6. Major and minor scales at a distance of 4 octaves.
  7. Major and minor arpeggios at a distance of 4 octaves.

NOTE: All works must be presented in their original form. Under no circumstances will arrangements or simplifications be accepted. As a minimum requirement, works from the baroque and classical periods must be played from memory.

IMPORTANT: Passing the audition does not necessarily guarantee that the student will finally be admitted. Admission to the Conservatory of Music is subject to the candidate meeting the average, all admission requirements and the availability of spaces in the requested study program. A waiting list will be created in the case of those studies where the number of admitted students exceeds the available spaces. If assigned to a waiting list, appointments will be announced via regular mail. Your enrollment is not guaranteed for the academic year in which you applied. If there are no spaces available in the waiting studio, the student must apply and audition again for the next academic year.