The Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music and the Institute of Vocal Arts invite young, professional and career aspiring vocal artists to participate in a 3 week intensive program (from June 30 to July 18), focusing on opera, oratorio and classical song repertoire. The singers will have multiple private lessons, coaching, rehearsals and performances, all by a world-renowned faculty.

The International Institute of Vocal Arts

The International Institute of Vocal Arts (IIVA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created to help young singers realize their talent. It provides training in the performing vocal arts on the advanced level. IIVA has helped over 400 singers, many of whom have gone on to sing in major opera houses, such as the in major opera houses, such as The Metropolitan Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera, New York City Opera, Washington Opera, Teatro Madrid, Rome Opera, La Fenice and the Wexford Festival. IIVA strives to offer the highest level of operatic resources for each student. It’s our vision to provide guidance for the next generation of singers throughout the world, thus preserving and passing on the traditions of Opera.

IIVA was founded in Tampa, Florida by William Woodruff in 1990, who at the time was on the faculty at the University of South Florida. Mr. Woodruff recognized that young opera singers need study, guidance and collaboration with working opera professionals during and after their college degree studies. In 2010, William Woodruff organized two IIVA workshop sessions in Puerto Rico.

The Summer of 2014 will mark the 2nd anniversary of the Puerto Rico International Bel Canto Festival.

Repertoire & Cost

The repertoire to be studied and performed will be chosen after the auditions are completed, and include full operas, operatic scenes, oratorio excerpts and a grand finale.

Cost (Puerto Rico): The cost for each singer is $500. This includes multiple lessons, coaching, rehearsals, and performances.

Cost (International):The cost for each singer is $2,700. This includes multiple lessons, coaching, rehearsals, and performances. This does not include cost of housing. There are many housing options.


Director: William Woodruff
Voice: Antonio Barasorda*, Ellen Alexander, Ilca López, Maitland Peters, Mignon Dunn, Richard Barrett, William Woodruff*, Zoraida López
Coaches: Jane Steele, Abdiel Vázquez, Jorge Parodi, Pedro J. Jiménez
Master Classes: Joan Dornemann*, Justino Díaz*, María Zouves, Mignon Dunn*, Sherill Milnes*
Opera Theatre: Antonio Barasorda*, Ilca López, Richard Barrett, William Woodruff*
Acting for Singers: Bruno Irizarry
Oratorio: Ellen Alexander
Assistant to the Director: Gino Giglio

* Metropolitan Opera


Live auditions will take please in New York City, Chicago and San Juan. Should enough artists apply in another area; a live audition can be held there. All audition videos or CDs must be received by March 1st, 2014 accompanied by a $40 application fee, resume, 2 recommendation letters and a photo. All payments must be made to Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico and mailed to:

E-mail: / Phone number: 1 (917) 783-5624

Mailing address:
William Woodruff
Cobians Plaza
1607 Ave. Ponce de León # 906
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00909